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Creating Stronger Foundations for Your Future


Root Cause Therapy (RCT) provides a clear framework toward creating your highest and best outcomes.

Once I found and experienced the healing that takes place through both Psychic and Mediumship readings, Root Cause Therapy and both Reiki and Pranic energy modalities, I was able to develop and maintain a better relationship with myself, connect more deeply with others, and to achieve more than I had previously believed possible. I finally knew I could fulfill my deepest desire - assisting others in finding their way to their authentic self perhaps for the first time.

Through my own lived experience healing childhood trauma, domestic abuse, and addiction recovery I have learned there are many pathways to healing and I am thrilled to offer multiple tools with which to assist you on your journey. 

Experience has shown me and my clients these lasting changes can be achieved and a stronger, more compassionate, accepting relationship with self can be reached in a focused amount of time. The support and understanding you need to move toward and to achieve success with your goals is here. Letting go of fear, anxiety, addictions, and recovering from abuse IS possible!

I look forward to working with you on your journey as you come to know survival tools are no longer necessary. Through your healing work you will find the old version of you no longer feel authentic and a new version of you is free and is safe to emerge. 

You ARE able to make the changes you desire and I am honored to escort you through your healing process.


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