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Celebrate Independence Every Day!

Happy Independence Day!

Yes, it's a federal holiday and we owe a debt of gratitude for all who fought in myriad ways for our freedom as a nation. This is not in question here but I'm feeling today as though we might take a moment to consider this on a deeper, more personal level.

Independence Day is also representative of the state of being of a few prior to becoming the movement and struggles we think of today. There is a personal aspect to the theme of independence as well. We each have struggled with independence in our lives whether it be as children coming into our own within our families or in other aspects of our lives.

As you gather today, eat yummy food, and celebrate our Nation's freedom please give yourself an opportunity to consider the ways in which you have personally worked toward gaining, or regaining, independence in your own lives. Take a moment to reflect on those struggles and what they mean personally for your life, your growth, and your personal development.

As toddlers we all learned to gain autonomy within the family unit, as partners perhaps we've needed to bolster the strength to separate from a restrictive or controlling relationship, or as employees maybe we've left behind restrictive work environments.

As a nation, and as individuals, the fight for freedom is, in many ways, ongoing. Let's not rest only on the grand accomplishments leaving behind what we may deem as the minor achievements. It all deserves attention and celebration as they are inextricably linked each feeding the other in a perpetual cycle.

Celebrate our nation today and celebrate yourselvesll! #mentalhealthawareness #selfcare #celebrateyou #domesticviolence

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