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Alternative Healing Modalities and Practitioners

I have personally found benefit from the practitioners or modalities found below and have provided their contact information for your reference. They have paid a nominal fee to be listed here - should you choose to work with any of them all I receive is the happiness of knowing you have chosen well.  As my coaching client you may also receive one 60 minute session with one of these practitioners! 

Emotion Code/Body Code as seen on October 12, 2022 at WLTK-DB Talk Radio

October 12, 2022

Emotion code has been the foundation for me to learn about myself and how to be able to move forward in a courageous and positive way. I’ve added to my toolbox with The Body Code Certification which has allowed a deeper understanding of how trauma is stored in the body. In my healing process I’ve learned how to use crystals, essential oils and flower essences to aid in my healing and ease some of those ups and downs that life offers up to us.  For fun I’ve also learned to read Oracle cards, these cards are amazing and bring me and others so much information in exactly the right way.
I’m excited to have you here; my intention in becoming a certified Body Code and Emotion Code Practitioner is to assist you in learning more about who you are, why you have the experiences you do and to begin to help you see your way through all of it.

Podcast interview with Deidre - About me, Root Cause Therapy and How it All Works

November 7, 2022

In this 30 minute interview on Holistic Mama Speaks, Carrie and I discuss how Root Cause Therapy helped me and how can help you as well.

Root Cause Therapy

This is your link to all things Root Cause Therapy within The Center for Healing website - click below to learn more about the training practitioners receive for certification.

JR Carmany, HealthWise Holistic as seen on November 7, 2022

With over 30 years in the natural food industry, and 25 years as a retail store owner, JR Carmany began her holistic practice in 2000 as an adjunct to her natural food store, Soup To Nuts, in Geneva, IL.
JR’s holistic training has included nutrition, naturopathic medicine, meditation, therapeutic herbalism, chakra and energy work, clinical iridology, therapeutic aromatherapy, reflexology, manual lymphatic drainage, Reiki, Jin Shin Do acupressure, homeopathy, and shamanic practices. She also has advanced training in Holographic
Memory Resolution, a trauma re-patterning technique.

Pranic Healing with Alison Shaoo

Alison Sahoo began Pranic Healing in 2013 and serves as Executive Director of Pranic Healing Bucks County, a 501c3 organization. Alison recently completed the rigorous Pranic Psychotherapy Certification and leads a group of healers who work on Covid patients, as part of Project Hope for Healing. She is a Teacher Trainer Candidate. Alison holds a BS in Physics and an MBA. For many years, she worked as a Market Research Analyst in healthcare.

Life After Loss & EFT/Tapping as seen on October 26, 2022

Lynne Staley is a certified Grief Recovery™ Specialist and Facilitator of The Grief Recovery Method™ Outreach Program. Lynne Staley is also a Life-After-Loss™ Coach.  She utilizes The Grief Recovery Method™ Outreach Program as an educational intervention and advises clients who would like additional guidance after a loss experience. Lynne is a Certified Practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques {EFT} or Tapping and a Certified Facilitator of SoulCollage®.

Root Cause Therapy Provider Directory

Now that you've found a healing modailty and are ready to make changes, how do you loacte a practitioner? By clicking the link below you will have multiple practitioners to consider! This modaity is equally powerful whether working in person or via Zoom session.

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