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My Story

You aren't here on this page by accident. Your higher self led you here for a reason and you are ready for an immediate shift into a more positive self perception, to find guidance and support as you transform your relationship with yourself and with others. You are ready for change and it's so close! You are one click away from beginning the journey. Whether you are looking for answers or undertaking a major change in your life all you need to do is schedule your time with me. 

Through utilizing my connection with Spirit, my training as an energy healer, and my certification as a Root Cause Therapy Practitioner I'm here to assist with your transformation as you become the Phoenix Rising. 

Throughout my personal journey I’ve worked on childhood trauma, overcome addiction cycles, and have survived abusive relationships. I’ve hidden from my true self in many, many ways. My own experience with Root Cause Therapy was the catalyst for many powerful and lasting changes. 

Without judgment. With compassion. With personal experience in doing the healing work necessary to move forward,  a true desire to listen, to understand, and to support you through out your journey. 




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