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Foggy Waters

"Deidre is amazingly intuitive and wonderful as a Root Cause Therapist"

"...Her insight and intuition are spot on and she is a delight to work with." 

Testimonials: Testimonials

"I had the pleasure of working with Deidre early in my transformation and I believe our work had a significant affect on my evolving to the degree that I did. She helped me to identify and shift patterns that had me stuck in a pattern of dysfunction. Through the RCT modality, and by using her psychic skills, Deidre helped me to clear over 6 beliefs that were preventing me from living my true purpose. I highly recommend Deidre and her work. Her insight and intuition are spot on and she is a delight to work with." 

Teresa A., Kansas

"Deidre is amazingly intuitive and wonderful as a Root Cause Therapist. I found the sessions with Deidre incredibly helpful at releasing some limiting beliefs and trapped childhood emotions. The result has been life transforming, in that I am no longer triggered into “freeze and fawn” mode, and can better communicate my needs. Life feels much more comfortable. If anything else arises I would happily work with Deidre again."

Lake, Shropshire, UK

"I had some unconscious buying patterns and this is especially apparent when I was feeling stressed. I used to seek comfort in buying things to give me momentary pleasure and this was causing a strain on me financially. When money was tight, I would then blame myself for spending unnecessary money. After working with Deidre, I am now more conscious in my spending. I can now see when I am spending to soothe my emotions and never have to go into self blame now."

JW, Singapore, China

"Thank you for such a descriptive reading everything you said is true and resonates with me. Will work on myself and continue to shine my light."


"Thank you for my detailed reading. It resonated well. I trust your words. I understand it. Be blessed."

Shawna S.

"I had the joys of having 2 molars removed, and not taking adequate time off to heal. I was currently at work in the city, and had reached out to Deidre to see if she could do anything to help since the pain meds weren't working. Within 10 minutes of asking her for some relief I felt the left side of my face go warm, and then the pain was gone! I was awestruck on how she could work on me remotely like that! Throughout the years she has been a staple of healing and energy work from not only molar extractions, but migraines, muscle damage, and mood distress. She's amazing and I'm lucky to have her in my life!"

Dawn D, Aurora, IL

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